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Think before you give life to a sperm!

This is to all couples old and young, planning to have or already titled as Parents. You brought a life into this world, make sure you guide the child, and not impose your ideas. Give freedom of choice and thoughts. … Continue reading

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A single shot of Delhi summer morning!

Beautiful early summer morning, sunshine has seeped in and merged well in the surroundings at 5am, quietly. I am heading towards the airport when more than half of Delhi is asleep, a few are visible on road initiating their day … Continue reading

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Kolkata here n there

Yellowwww Taxiss Breakfast @ Flurys Traditional Bengali food : sarso ilish maach, pomphret fry, rice-daal, lemon Kol here n there!!    

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Torn. Choked. Raped.

Ten minutes just after I woke up (on 29th Dec2012), I got a text saying ‘the girl passed away at 2am’. That nano second, I felt so helpless and choked. But, does it matter how choked so many girls would … Continue reading

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A day in ‘city of Nawabs’!

Is 7.30am too early for a city to be alive and busy…? I don’t think so… I landed in Lucknow at 7.30am on Saturday (14th April 2012)… and had a half an hour ride from airport to office. I must … Continue reading

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Calcutta & me!

Calcutta and me!! 30th May 2012 I always wanted to see Calcutta as I had heard so much about the city. If you ask me what I heard then to be honest there is nothing in specific that I can … Continue reading

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Patna Excursion

8th June 2012 Lalu Prasad Yadav, trains/rail, Anger, heat, Rigidity, Reserved, Suppressed, Gender bias, Backward… and all that!! Raised Eyebrow Realizations:- #Realization1 – When people tell you that wear Indian attire and carry a dupatta while in Patna. #Realization2 – … Continue reading

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