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Beach or mountain?

Sand under my feet or a rocky terrain, Gush of the waves or the rattling leaves, Warmth in the tan or coziness of the hills, Melodies by the beach or echo in the valleys, Calmness of the ocean or serenity … Continue reading

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Punish the Rapist and not the victim!

Here is what I felt 2 years back when the horrifying rape case happened in Delhi – And now, when we had just settled in, talks about the rape had just subsided, we see rape news going viral on … Continue reading

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Delicious 20 of Mumbai/Pune Streets

One of my favorite cuisines is Maharashtrian food for the simplicity and ease of cooking and consuming. It gives you a perfect mix of tasty and healthy food. Take a look at what all you are yet to try from … Continue reading

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Breakfast Buffet @Kamat Lokaruchi

Mysore highway it is! Yes the non-bumpy road near Bangalore is called Mysore Highway! All those who know that Bangalore has bad traffic, let me tell you, the pain of heavy traffic is aggravated by jerky roads i.e. random speed … Continue reading

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Leh, Ladakh

23rd – 29th August 2013 We were planning a holiday yet again with nothing specific in mind… we virtually went from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and from south pole to north pole … one called for beaches another voice for hills, … Continue reading

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A single shot of Delhi summer morning!

Beautiful early summer morning, sunshine has seeped in and merged well in the surroundings at 5am, quietly. I am heading towards the airport when more than half of Delhi is asleep, a few are visible on road initiating their day … Continue reading

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Kolkata here n there

Yellowwww Taxiss Breakfast @ Flurys Traditional Bengali food : sarso ilish maach, pomphret fry, rice-daal, lemon Kol here n there!!    

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