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13 to 30 years

When we just started to talk about our first periods to an age where we happily talk about missing a period and sharing good news.It just so happened that I recently met some of my girlfriends from my school gang … Continue reading

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A few lucky sperms, who get Unconditional Love !

This is to all the sperm owners and those sperms that were not wasted and are alive today as their beloved parents decided to forgo some part of their freedom and luxury to raise them and bring them to this … Continue reading

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Love appified!

This valentine, what are the new customs in which gen-Y is going to celebrate the day of love? They are fast paced, driven by technology; Flowers, chocolates, soft romantic songs are cliché to them. They are constantly driven by something … Continue reading

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10 Benefits of not marrying whom you love!

1. You get a chance to undo stupidity 2. You get to avoid lame fights 3. You get to love double 4. You are already mature to handle the relationship 5. You can act mysterious 6. You are not burdened … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss!

Oblivious to all, world seems like that beautiful first kiss! In ignorance, happy is always the state! The expression isn’t lost, Words are not hollow, Every time it seems there is more to come, the feeling, at present is never … Continue reading

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Leh, Ladakh

23rd – 29th August 2013 We were planning a holiday yet again with nothing specific in mind… we virtually went from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and from south pole to north pole … one called for beaches another voice for hills, … Continue reading

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A single shot of Delhi summer morning!

Beautiful early summer morning, sunshine has seeped in and merged well in the surroundings at 5am, quietly. I am heading towards the airport when more than half of Delhi is asleep, a few are visible on road initiating their day … Continue reading

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