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Protected: Cold Shivers

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Beach or mountain?

Sand under my feet or a rocky terrain, Gush of the waves or the rattling leaves, Warmth in the tan or coziness of the hills, Melodies by the beach or echo in the valleys, Calmness of the ocean or serenity … Continue reading

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Punish the Rapist and not the victim!

Here is what I felt 2 years back when the horrifying rape case happened in Delhi – And now, when we had just settled in, talks about the rape had just subsided, we see rape news going viral on … Continue reading

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A few lucky sperms, who get Unconditional Love !

This is to all the sperm owners and those sperms that were not wasted and are alive today as their beloved parents decided to forgo some part of their freedom and luxury to raise them and bring them to this … Continue reading

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10 Benefits of not marrying whom you love!

1. You get a chance to undo stupidity 2. You get to avoid lame fights 3. You get to love double 4. You are already mature to handle the relationship 5. You can act mysterious 6. You are not burdened … Continue reading

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Think before you give life to a sperm!

This is to all couples old and young, planning to have or already titled as Parents. You brought a life into this world, make sure you guide the child, and not impose your ideas. Give freedom of choice and thoughts. … Continue reading

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Ignorance is bliss!

Oblivious to all, world seems like that beautiful first kiss! In ignorance, happy is always the state! The expression isn’t lost, Words are not hollow, Every time it seems there is more to come, the feeling, at present is never … Continue reading

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