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Ignorance is bliss!

Oblivious to all, world seems like that beautiful first kiss! In ignorance, happy is always the state! The expression isn’t lost, Words are not hollow, Every time it seems there is more to come, the feeling, at present is never … Continue reading

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A single shot of Delhi summer morning!

Beautiful early summer morning, sunshine has seeped in and merged well in the surroundings at 5am, quietly. I am heading towards the airport when more than half of Delhi is asleep, a few are visible on road initiating their day … Continue reading

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Kolkata here n there

Yellowwww Taxiss Breakfast @ Flurys Traditional Bengali food : sarso ilish maach, pomphret fry, rice-daal, lemon Kol here n there!!    

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Torn. Choked. Raped.

Ten minutes just after I woke up (on 29th Dec2012), I got a text saying ‘the girl passed away at 2am’. That nano second, I felt so helpless and choked. But, does it matter how choked so many girls would … Continue reading

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