Beach or mountain?

Sand under my feet or a rocky terrain,

Gush of the waves or the rattling leaves,

Warmth in the tan or coziness of the hills,

Melodies by the beach or echo in the valleys,

Calmness of the ocean or serenity of the hills,

Restlessness of the sea or Stillness of the mountains…?

“I am a beach person… I love the sea, its wideness, calmness, the sound of the waves, the bright sun, walking on the sand, taking a dip, just sitting and waiting for sunset… and more” my own voice resonates in my ear whenever I had to answer the question – Are you a beach or a mountain person?

I associated hills with never ending drives, uphill climb and motion sickness “Why are we going to a hill station? What will we do there, there is just one mall road and some view points for site seeing? What is to see there in mountains?” But less did I know they were much more than what a child in me could not fathom.

I had no doubts that I am a #beachbum until this year when I happened to visit a few more hill stations (Chikmagalur, Coonoor, Kodaikanal) and loved every bit of the short trips I made to the mountains. With each trip I only felt I like them… I like them more and more … the peaks, the roads, the drive, the stillness and the warmth in the cold breeze.

The sea seems seamless, I know there is something beyond when i heard I am deeper than you could think; I flow free and merge where I be. I don’t stand still, I keep moving with forces within and external’ whereas the mountains bound my vision to go afar, resounding – ‘look at me and only me, I stand here in heat and cold, in rain and mist; I stand true and by you. It is not what is hidden, it is not what is beyond, it is now that you have and behold.’

P.S. – If Sea summons you again and again, mountains want you to stay forever!


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  1. Good one.. Nice to read! 🙂

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