We Should Be Excited About Olympic Games and Support India

Lets be more supportive by knowing more, watching team India, encouraging them and sharing their struggle.

I read how pseudo celebrity, Shobha De belittled those who have worked so hard and reached the most coveted competition, ‘Olympic Games’. It is so sad and demeaning.

It just triggered a thought which is to be a little more excited for Olympics and encourage team India’s confidence and let the Government know that we do care and there is worth in investing in our players. Do your bit.

Learn More: Did you know India is participating in Gymnastics for the first time and Dipa Karamkar is the first ever Indian gymnast to compete in the Rio Olympics? In total, India is participating in 15 out of 28 Olympic sports – Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Field Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Judo, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weight Lifting, and Wrestling. How many did you know?


Get Inspired: Why don’t we take out time to read about the games and those participating in it? And try to know how they reached there and maybe inspire our selves/ kids/ neighbor’s kids but definitely not mock at their effort. I myself have played sports and I know how much effort, perseverance and will is required to excel a sport. It was overwhelming for me to represent my school/ state as a kid… I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it would be to represent your country at an internationally famous event.

Encourage Participation: India’s participation in 2016 Rio Olympics is at an all-time high with 124 participants representing India (it was only 83 in 2012 and less than that in earlier years). It makes me happy that not only the overall number but also women participation has gone up, the number of women participants has doubled from last time and we all should feel proud of that.

Share their struggle: Support them because if they get medals, we would brag about it and flaunt their hard work as our pride. But, at the same time, even if they fail we should not disregard their sweat. I am sure they want to win more than you want to see them win. You will forget about the medals they win or lose, may be by next day, but they would live with that feeling till next Olympic arrives.

If they fail, we as a country fail and if they win, we as a country share the victory. It is very disheartening to lose when you have put in your heart and you know the world is watching you. And always delightful to share your happiness when you win with those who have been encouraging you throughout. 

So, share, like, tweet and #damnit support #TeamIndia at Rio Olympics to your best.


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