Punish the Rapist and not the victim!

Here is what I felt 2 years back when the horrifying rape case happened in Delhi – https://ctulika.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/torn-choked-raped/

And now, when we had just settled in, talks about the rape had just subsided, we see rape news going viral on social media, protests being carried out; schools, offices, household discussing it yet again!

Last time it was about taking the traditional mode of transport and hopping onto an empty bus, not being vigil enough … although she was accompanied by a man, still it happened. This time, used a modern app, ensured safer mode of transport i.e. booked a cab by one of the known taxi services, UBER …still it happened.

I am forced to wonder who to blame… the girl – for not being vigil in the car, the illiterate barbaric driver, the company for lack of verification, the society for not being able to inculcate moral values or the Judiciary system and Govt. for not taking action against such crimes…?

Where is the fear of committing a crime? Where is the punishment… is all I want to ask? Why so much delay… why are we waiting for others to suffer?

2 years have passed, rape victim lost her soul and her life, and her family suffered and would still be feeling the pain. Yet there is no so called ‘Justice’!

We all are waiting for one such news to go viral and hear conversations in colleges, schools, coffee tables, office lunch hours, at home that a strict rule has come out and the rapist has been punished… and not just jailed where he is getting 3 meals a day and has started to feel at home.

We might not steal because we were taught it’s wrong and we don’t have a right over other people’s things and belongings. Also, the fear of being punished by law or perhaps God (in many cases) holds us back! But, Rape isn’t about a thing. It’s about the person itself! Where are the teachings …? And where is the punishment?

What can Women do…?

Women can’t stop going out, keep men at home!

Women can’t do purdah, let men mind their eyes!

Women can’t stop working, let men manage households!

Women can’t lose their independence; chain such men for life!

(But, dear ladies, don’t forget to be vigil, as society will not change over night!)

P.S. – Women fear being raped each day. Don’t you feel that the fear of being punished is missing?


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3 Responses to Punish the Rapist and not the victim!

  1. ctulika says:

    Reblogged this on ctulika and commented:

    It has to end! Free the Women from fear. Let the rapists fear the consequences!

  2. Shakun says:

    Fear of punishment – neither is there any fear nor any punishment…
    Point well made Tulika.

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