I don’t know when I fell for it!

Bright shining sun on a winter day is the first thing that comes to my mind! The warmth, the ease, the comfort, the love, the happiness, the simplicity, the hope, the charm, the subtle power, the romanticism, the faith, the urge is all found in those rays felt at your back on a cold day! All you do is lie down on your back and feel the assurance of those gleams cutting across the clouds and trying to reach you.

Yellow is that to me and much more. It so dissolves into my thoughts like a room with 3 white and a yellow wall. I choose the yellow wall and I don’t know why! May be I do – All the walls have a door, but I know, only the one on the yellow wall will open and show me light! I am lost in thoughts and I fancy that may be I am Alice in wonderland who will open the door and solve every mystery that lies ahead with utmost ease. And enter into a beautiful garden with so many yellow zarbaras looking at me with a bright smile.

Zarbaras :)

Zarbaras 🙂

A bunch of yellow Zarbaras at times is the thing to make a girl smile. A date would be perfect with yellow zarbaras presented to the girl, followed by a fine dining dinner (of-course!). Yellow reminds me of so many more things-what comes top of mind is sarso ke khet (mustard farms) – who does not want to get clicked once in those khet amidst beautiful yellow flowers (If you nodded give me a high five).

I never thought I could write anything about yellow, but suddenly in the last couple of years I have had this fondness for it. I want to buy everything in yellow, not just the dresses, t-shirts or footwear but even cutlery, notebooks, pens etc. In office, people even started calling me the yellow girl, not because I looked pale or so but because I wore a lot of yellow. For a very long time, I used to wear a yellow hair clip to office every day! It had become a part of my personality.

Left : A friend and Right : me Posing in our Yellow hair clips at office. Good old days!

Left : A friend and Right : me
Posing in our Yellow hair clips at office.
Good old days!

People did ask me if it was my favorite color, some even assumed it to be so. But that was not true or perhaps it was. Let’s put it this way, it was true that I liked yellow and I had also fallen for it subconsciously (and was in denial mode-pun intended) as everyone around me knew that I love yellow except me. Since childhood, I thought my favorite color was red, but not anymore. In fact, it was an infatuation to the bright color, to the power that red seized. I have off late realized that it is yellow that I love and perhaps very deeply. Although, as a child it did not even make it to the list of my favorite colors but today here I am, all in awe, admiration and love for Yellow!

Little child in me wants – Yellow shoes, socks, cap, umbrella; Yellow sofa, bed sheet, cushions, doormat;  Yellow hair clip, hairband, nail paint, earrings; Yellow dress, briefs, coat, saree; Yellow bottle, plates, bowls, mugs, spoons; Yellow bag, wallet, clutch, suitcase… may be an airplane too J and many more things… I know there are other instant mentions that cross your mind now when you hear so much of Yellow (Ignore them and keep your silly sense of humor buried)

P.S. – Yellow it is! Happy it is!

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9 Responses to I don’t know when I fell for it!

  1. kshitij86 says:

    Yellow for once seems like an interesting colour 🙂

  2. son says:

    I always wanted a yellow wall surrounfed by 3 white walls in my room..:-) well written

  3. tarun khanna says:

    Sometimes silence is not golden– It’s just Yellow

  4. “Yellow – The sunshine color”
    The color of hope & adventure (“The road to city of Emeralds is paved with YELLOW bricks”)
    Color of art & intelligence (“There r painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, others transform YELLOW spot into sun”)
    Yellow is expensive (gold :)), yellow is spring
    Yellow is change (All changes highlighted in YELLOW )
    And of-course for a dreamer yellow is color of love (I’ll close my eyes & if I try, I ‘ll b with u up in the YELLOW sky)

  5. Vini says:

    Well writtenTalli.Finally, you accepted it althought we never had a doubt about your longing for the color. Remember the caption for the pic ‘All changes highlighted in yellow’
    To be honest, I opened the article with the gleam hope that your are about the unveil something very interesting…. (you know the topic), but as always, you have disappointed me ;))))

  6. Aamra says:

    Yellow to me is you. Yellow reminds me of you every single time

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