A few lucky sperms, who get Unconditional Love !

This is to all the sperm owners and those sperms that were not wasted and are alive today as their beloved parents decided to forgo some part of their freedom and luxury to raise them and bring them to this world!

Before you read any further, please read the link below to get another perspective – https://ctulika.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/why-do-couples-decide-to-have-kids-across-the-globe/

Now, after that thought, many of you might agree to it, many might strongly disagree! After writing that piece, I felt that it reflects one side of the coin and it isn’t a fair representation of the whole truth. Undeniably, human beings are selfish! But are they selfish in all roles they play in life? Are they selfish as Parents? Could be! But, there is this whole deal about calling parents selfish… you might be looked upon as someone who is ill-behaved , has no values, no respect for elders, no etiquettes etc.

Parents can be selfish, at times for themselves and mostly for their children. The over rated unconditional love holds and demonstrates its true importance when used in context of mother and child! I would agree!

Couples might decide to have a baby for various reasons, but when they actually get to hold their  own child, even the ones who have hated kids through their life, whined at the thought of sharing a seat in flight next to a child, looking at a child in movie hall and cringing about it, giving them nasty looks when their parents are not around, just running away from attending family function where children could be found, have encountered an absolute connection and a new meaning to their life after that small little addition in their crazy world!

They might not have saved enough for their own vacation or bought best clothes for themselves, but try their best do provide all of it to their little one- be it education, sports, holidays, school trips, fancy clothes or gadgets. They might want support in old age, but they love to care about the crawling baby now, and are dying to see the child walk as soon as possible. They find support in the love of that child and want them to achieve the best in the world! A flurry of emotions and aspirations arise for the kid. To see him/her excel in each sphere (probably also to get that champion feeling when they get to brag about it to other parents ;))

To all the Parents who have raised kids, you might think you could have done more, but I am sure you would have done things more than you could afford or were permitted by your capacity. Your love and support to your children is incontestable and perhaps the only love which grows with time.

P.S. – A happy child only adds to their Parents happiness and vice versa! I do agree!

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