Love appified!

This valentine, what are the new customs in which gen-Y is going to celebrate the day of love? They are fast paced, driven by technology; Flowers, chocolates, soft romantic songs are cliché to them. They are constantly driven by something innovative, more energized thought and action.

In the last ten years, technology via computers, pagers, mobile phones has helped the lovers incredibly, particularly mobiles steered many love stories. They have always kept tremendous discounts on calls and messages to lure the ‘in love’ young generation. Now, a step ahead, love seems to be appified. With touch phones, your love texts are just a touch away with every possible emoticon and sticker. From the traditional flowers, cards and chocolates to the bold and trendy teddy, hugs, kisses, all imaginable and unimaginable emoticons are available on bbm, watsapp, wechat, line and several other apps.

Love Appified!
Love Appified!

Thumb generation expresses all their love by touch of fingers unlike earlier times where the guy waited long hours for a glance, wrote poetry, sang a song to impress the girl. Today, a smart phone with cool apps can do all the jazz to impress the lass.
A couple says watsapp is a part of our love life. Boy says “We even fight on watsapp in spite of the fact that we are sitting in the same room”. Girl added “I send him angry emoticons, when annoyed.” Apps are helping long distance relationships by letting couples share real time details and pictures and other updates (Free of cost is of course the trigger here). One of my friends, in his late 20s, told me that he is planning to send romantic voice messages to his wife on V-day to make it special. I am sure the Awww-generation would give thumbs up to the idea!

Apart from this, there is a new range of gifts that is being circulated. Now days, gifts are more centric to technology, something like – a lipstick or a superman shaped pen drive, smart phone or even a jazzy smart phone cover. I wonder if in the 90s people gifted VCRs to each other or a Yashika camera cover?!). Rather, it was more about gifting clothes, shoes and jewelry.
It gives an impression that expensive gadgets are soon to substitute the diamonds era. Mothers might not agree to this. But new age girls, following Priyanka chopra would nod to the love for technology. They too are driven by technology as much as the boys #GirlThingToo!

Love in the time of technology is definitely getting a new definition this valentine day.
Don’t you dare single out the singles… They are going to surely love themselves more on this V-day and enjoy the solitary love & happiness by clicking more selfies and uploading them on Instagram, perhaps with a hash tag #happyvalentinedaytome

Technology is only aiding love, be it to your partner or yourself.

Go ahead, plan out what you want to do for your beloved on this tech valentine day or how you want to make the best single V-day, out with yourself and your best gadgets.

P.S. – Love stays; medium might change from unsaid words to notes to letters to chats to emails to calls to messages to apps and now to emoticons.

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One Response to Love appified!

  1. tarun Khanna says:

    ha ha ha… word fr ds piece of writing ‘Mast’……….bt wht petrifies me to imagine is wht impct wld thse apps hv if repeatidly buzz on sme numbr……’ANNOYING’…..Love would die a technological death.

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