Breakfast Buffet @Kamat Lokaruchi

Mysore highway it is! Yes the non-bumpy road near Bangalore is called Mysore Highway! All those who know that Bangalore has bad traffic, let me tell you, the pain of heavy traffic is aggravated by jerky roads i.e. random speed breakers which suddenly pop up from nowhere in front of your car. It’s not about driving but driving you crazy with irritation on Bangalore roads.

But, nevertheless all those who love speed, long rides and random stopovers, there is an escape, you must hit the road early morning in nice weather and savor yourself to a nice south Indian breakfast buffet at Kamat Lokaruchi.

Kamat is a vegetarian south Indian joint open 24*7 at Mysore Highway. It’s a huge open air complex, with ordinary but clean seating arrangements amidst greenery. It does not have sophisticated frills to it, but a warm welcoming feel when you enter.

FYI – there are two Kamat’s on this road. Please be sure that you visit the correct one – While going from Bangalore to Mysore the original Kamat comes onto your right hand side.

The breakfast menu is elaborate enough for good stomach fill. You may start with fresh fruit juice; I loved the black grape juice which was on the menu that day (It can be different as per season and owners discretion). I doubt that it will be a favorite of many reading, as grape juice in general needs an acquired taste. More in the fruit health zone, they had mentioned cut fruits in the menu, which turned out to be – Papaya. The world is on a cost cutting spree.

Moving on to the actual south Indian food, it comprised of  Moode idli, Vada, Masala dosa, Upma, Akki roti and Rice of the day.

Buffet! :)

Buffet! 🙂

Moode idli (from Mangalore cuisine) is a cylindrical shaped idli wrapped in a kedige (screw pine) leaf for aroma & flavor, it is first unwrapped, then crushed to bring it in rice format, sambar is poured over and consumed with hand. (I am personally not very fond of sambar, rather have the idli with chutneys, but a majority of people love to eat moode idli and sambar)!

If you are a vada fan, you will be pleased as they serve fresh, hot and crispy vadas which you can relish with coriander- coconut or tomato chutney on the side.

Masala dosa

Masala dosa

Next, is one my favorites – Masala Dosa, triangle shaped, hot-crisp, aroma of pure ghee is served to you and you can easily have 2-3 for that substantially satisfying good food mood! (That’s when your stomach tells you to smile)

They also have the most regular dish which is widespread in the nation, Upma. It is a well-cooked regular upma, which can be happily enjoyed by those fond of it.

A different breakfast dish among all is Akki roti, it is a known dish in Karnatka, made of crushed rice which is kneaded well, mixed with small cut vegetables of your choice and sesame seeds. It resembles a very thin uttapam or a salty vegetable pan cake. It is best savored, when served hot.  (At many homes, it is traditionally made like a plain chapatti of kneaded rice and consumed with sesame chutney).

Rice of the day is a regular rice dish; it is indeed tasty and can be enjoyed with vegetable raita (vegetable curd). All those looking forward to a masaledar (spicy) brunchy breakfast, go for it! Carb full stomach to keep u going for a long drive ahead J

In sweets, they had Jalebi and Kesari bath, Both of them were well made and could be aptly appreciated after completing a light satisfying south Indian meal.

I am sure the tea/coffee fanatics are still looking for more. Yes, they definitely had both options and indeed coffee here refers to filter coffee #undoubtedly.

Vada and masala dosa are the stars on the menu!

All this in just Rs 120/ person is quite a steal on the highway!

P.S. – Make it a happy weekend morning in nice weather, let your taste buds enjoy a south Indian titillation.

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