A single shot of Delhi summer morning!

Beautiful early summer morning, sunshine has seeped in and merged well in the surroundings at 5am, quietly.

I am heading towards the airport when more than half of Delhi is asleep, a few are visible on road initiating their day – brushing teeth, bathing on road, setting the paan-cigarette shop… it isn’t as easy for everyone to tell mornings ‘I don’t want to see you today, just go away!’ Some stories begin early… others a little late but each one has a tale…

I shifted my view from looking right outside to reaching the farthest vision; I could observe the clear sky with many flocks of birds flying across, in pairs, in groups, in patterns & some diving solo. It has really been long that I felt a morning like this… (Smile on my face)

Instant thought – Why can’t Delhi be like a 5 am morning throughout the day… smooth roads, no traffic, vivid sky, less noise, no rush?

Crossing the Gurgaon roads yet again and comparing the scenario to that of how 9am looks on any weekday… I think I would settle in for an early morning flight always even though it disturbs my sweet morning slumber.

The closer you move to the airport, the pleasant mood that just got built begins to evaporate… so many cars are suddenly visible, people already suited up for the meetings in line for that day!

Laptop bags, trolleys, files, on the call, morning coffee and the busy mode. Yes! I have entered the airport and by now I am standing in queue for my boarding pass. Glanced across and saw an even longer queue at security check in! (From smiles back to a Delhi face)

If I managed to forget the real Delhi for a few minutes… and dared to imagine a different one… I was immediately pinched by 6am at the airport to feel the real Delhi again. Huh!

It’s like you had your first shot… mood was just setting in and you hear ‘Bar is closed’

P.S. – Catch up time with peace in a metro city is … short lived!

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4 Responses to A single shot of Delhi summer morning!

  1. very good..specially the first few lines 🙂 very apt and well sad

  2. Roshan Santhalia says:

    Nice content. You were able to build that required image through the words. Could have done with a bit of last minute editing.

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