One day jaunt to Indore!

17 March 2013
An hour and 20 minutes in an early morning flight spent sleeping. Finally at Devi Ahilya Bai airport.  The city seemed to be colder than Delhi in the month of March for which I was definitely not prepared. The chilled breeze just made me worry about the long day. Exciting moment came when I spotted Manish Malhotra waiting for his luggage strolling up and down near the belt. #NoIdintWalkuptohim
I took an auto to go to the bus stop from where I planned to go to Ujjain… The auto wala was too pepped in life early morning and was eager to treat the outsider (me) well. He became my guide in no time to the city. A 20 minute ride could not have been better… he started showing me places rajwada palace, railway station, SP office and all that he could spot on our way. “Hau”.
Must say if you want to enjoy in a city, travel in local transport. A private cab would have certainly sorted my trip but the auto ride was worth the effort.
On my way to Mahakaleshwar Temple,  one of the well known jyotirlings which disappointed me in the face.  I had heard people talk about this place with so much faith that I felt it must be worth a visit.  I was utterly disheartened by the commercialization of the so called holy place. At every corner there is a pandit with some puja samigri calling you to get some dakshina. You get to see shivling only on LCD screen because of some weird security issues (why will I go all the way to Ujjain to see shivling on LCD), the feeling of being true did not exist. Did not feel like spending any more time there and returned to Indore.
Indore is more of a place for religious folks. I visited two temples 1. Khajrana Ganesh temple (very old (prachin mandir) temple), it seemed like a usual temple to me where locals go usually to pray with immense faith to offer regular prayers. 2. Gomatgiri temple, it is known Jain temple on a hill top near the airport. Also known for its beauty and serene atmosphere. It is a nice place to visit in early mornings or evenings, where you get a pleasant view of the Indore city.
Now lets get to Indore’s Food – The city is definitely known for its street food specially at chhappan. If you are thinking chappan is one shop then let me correct you its a Lane where they have about 56 shops … hence the place is called chappan. 🙂
I ate a lot of new things there….Started off with khopra pattis- it is fried aaloo pattis with coconut inside the aaloo, tried the batla pattis which is lil similar to tikki, then amiri khamand. .. (khamand in Indore is referred to dhokla)… it was served in one spoon curd with topping of namkeen. #different&nice

Alas sweets… must try gup chup .. isn’t it a cute name for a mithai?!
Between if u feel thirsty and order shikanji… please be careful as Indore does not serve you shikanji of water and lemon rather there shikanji is a sweet drink made of rabdi shrikhand milk n bla… so be careful.

Further, not to miss is the namkeen (snacks) of Indore. I went to the shop (OMs) and was amazed at the variety they had. Most famous of all is ratlam ki sev followed by mitha (sweet) mixture. I loved the lassan (garlic) mixture and palak sev. Also they had different kinds of mathri… I bought ajvain mathri & dhaniya hari mirch mathri . I really had some 8-10 kgs of namkeen while returning. My arms just gave up, but seeing the family relish all the namkeen was worth the effort 🙂


Picture: Poha Jalebi at a street corner in Indore

And the King of food in Indore, the ‘oh so famous’ combo of ‘poha jalebi’ in breakfast for which the city is known.  I had that too … poha tastes a lil different, jalebi was usual. But definitely the fact that I was having poha jalebi for breakfast in Indore gives me the kick in life.
P.S. – Whenever I watch travel food shows and they say that this dish is a must have in this city. It gets registered in my sub conscious and that’s what my life revolves around.

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3 Responses to One day jaunt to Indore!

  1. aamra says:

    I am glad that you are able to do what you like and want to do. Work, travel, money, friends…hope our trip to Goa comes true this October.

  2. Vini says:

    ” #No Idint Walk up to him”. This is just not your expression. It has to be more dramatic – “Noooooooooooo and blah blah ……. ” . Nice one..You should write more often. May be describing a day at office 🙂

  3. ctulika says:

    Lol… a day at office would be too vague and jumping from aggressive expression to another. 😉

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