Torn. Choked. Raped.

Ten minutes just after I woke up (on 29th Dec2012), I got a text saying ‘the girl passed away at 2am’. That nano second, I felt so helpless and choked. But, does it matter how choked so many girls would have felt after hearing that the girl is no more!? Does it matter, what many girls have felt in last two weeks after this brutal rape case?

This has been the most talked about issue in the past days at home/ in office/ at social forums etc. At the same time daily routine has continued at home and outside (as they say ‘Life goes on’). But, it has just not been that news which we hear and forget later!  It has traveled with me & many girls in every moment after being made aware to the dreadful crime. Any moment I see a group of men/policemen, I start planning –‘what would I do? Where will I run?’ My mind is not free from the thoughts that how I should guard myself better. Many others like me are living in fear of being attacked. Attack on individuality, freedom, will, wish, life! 

It is not just empathy which brought together so many voices.  Souls were shaken after the news and were angry for each one felt helpless in that moment.

We say that anger is short lived and makes one lose their sense of action. I feel sometimes for such heinous crimes anger should be vented out. Protests helped us do that! – Scream out loud what we felt against the rapists/criminals. The only regret is that a constable lost his life, which was never the intention.

This incident has just torn me apart for a simple reason that an innocent lass lost her life when she wanted to live.


RIP is the least I can say & pray”

P.S. – ‘You are not stealing away a thing or two; you are separating me from me’

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2 Responses to Torn. Choked. Raped.

  1. Abhishek says:

    Very well articulated. It is indeed concerning that a girl has to think about ‘escape’ routes the moment everytime she sees a group of men. This is an attack on our freedom, our very existence.

  2. Vini says:

    Aptly put and its not just about being a girl; its about freedom n respect that everyone deserves. Sadly, the political class sees more merit in passing out legislations for short term benefits rather than providing security to its citizens.

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