Patna Excursion

8th June 2012
Lalu Prasad Yadav, trains/rail, Anger, heat, Rigidity, Reserved, Suppressed, Gender bias, Backward… and all that!!
Raised Eyebrow Realizations:-
#Realization1 – When people tell you that wear Indian attire and carry a dupatta while in Patna.
#Realization2 – More men in the queue to board the flight with typical looks! #NoWonder!
#Realization3 – A strange man sitting next to you in the flight shows you his little finger as he has to use the
loo (Reminded me of Raj from Big bang theory!)
#Realization4 – Air hostess screaming on top of her voice “PLEASE REMAIN SEATED, DON’T OPEN THE LUGGAGE BINS YET’ But, the passengers onboard pay no heed to her!! K
#Realization5 – Two men arguing in the queue while vacating the flight #OffendedForNoValidReason
#Realization6 – At a shop you receive Rs 40 in balance in a 10 rupee bundle. You don’t count the balance
#stupidyou. Later when you unfold the bundle to pay another vendor (assuming you have Rs 40 change), it turns out to be Rs30 #Pettythings!
#Realization7 – Male dominated state | Suppressed young girls
A 16 year old girl looked like nothing more than a 12 year old! And this is not a matter of looks but her confidence, attitude and knowledge (as compared to same age girls in metro cities)
#Realization8 – When you hear ‘हम कह रहे हैं’ (singular)| ‘कौनसा कौनसा नाम सुने हैं’ J
#Realization9 – Delayed and rigid approach @ a restaurant. No willingness to attend you or listen to you…
throw that attitude ‘Abhi kar rae h… wait karo’… work done at their own will & pace in spite of repeated reminders.
#Realization10 – NO Mc Donald’s!! #SuprpriseSurprise ‘WHAT!!’ I retorted and then left the thought for the city to be happy in its spot!
Saving grace – Domino’s opened a few days back!! And CCD (exists), I trust, today, CCDs will be found in Lakshwadeep island as well … with a promotional offer snorkeling with a cup of coffee!! ;P
The condition of the city did not evoke any sympathy in me… rather it made me more annoyed @ its condition. I strongly believe that there is no dearth of opportunities and a lot more could have been done to improve the present state of the city! I am glad that off late Bihar is heading towards some change… I would still not say it is ‘progressing’!
P.S. – A long way to go! Let’s hope to Pat Patna soon!!

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