I now understand grey!

It is so surprising that how we keep moving in life.. sometimes with a clear direction in our minds and sometimes absolutely blank..

I have always tried to keep myself away from black, had similar feelings for grey.
Though have not been able to accept black completely, I have made space for grey.
This time around I clearly understand what does the color grey stand for i.e. when you are in between something very clear and the other very hazy.
Of course I always knew what it meant when people used to refer saying ‘Things can’t be black and white, they are grey’.
But the deeper meaning of ‘ Grey shades of life’ has hit me now. It appeared to me as a dull color, boring and lifeless.
Nevertheless #realization happened – Yes grey is not lifeless rather it is life.
If you are wondering ~HoW~ then here it is: grey is formed when two colors are mixed (No points for guessing). YES 🙂 White (I like) and Black (I do not like)
As I suppose that we all know there is nothing such as Perfect information (I tried to escape economics, but five years of doing the same stuff again n again leaves some impression on you:P)
Hence, looking at information construct 1. complete information and 2. no information.
For easy understating let me make
– White as Complete information &
– Black as No information
When the two are mixed, we find grey — I mean we get asymmetric information … we know but we do not know it All 😉 AND that is what I call “Grey game of life”…
We know some parts of it, but we do not know the whole 😦
If we live in white (complete information) there is no fun to find out what is going to be next order of events 😦
Black – will be too dark… with no hope and aspirations :(:(
Therefore,they were merged to create grey, so that Life stays interesting… with all those emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety etccccetraaaaaaaa….
Grey funda clear 🙂
P.S. – Grey evens the darker view! :-}

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