Red (Random)


To a child – Red light… Red is Santa

(Raise hand : Red is parrot’s beak)


To a student –  Red is danger…

To a lover – Red letter


To a literate – Red is Passion… Red is sin… Red is love… Red is crime…


To a performer – Red … Curtain!

To a saint – Red is fire!

To a girl – Red is a Rose… in winters Red is her nose!!

Red Saree… It is that beautiful bride ‘dulhan’; it is that first loving smile #blush

To a woman – Red is her heart!

Red is her culture … It is her ‘vo’… when she adds it on her forehead as vermilion! It is her pride!


Red is her culture? She flaunts it on her lips!! For a slut – It is a sign that she is available…

To a Man – Red is war… Red is a warrior…

To a capitalist – Red is coke … ye dil maange more…

To a worker – Red flag… Red bricks.. Red sand … Red are those hands!


Red … red is a lot more

Red is anger…

Red is sex

Red is dark… It is my blood… it is your blood!  (B+ is it?) 🙂

Red is loud… Red is bright… it is that light, sometimes hurts your eyes!

Red capsicum (bell-pepper it is), Red chilies… which get water in your eyes!!

Red are those strawberries! Red fruit (yes apple) Red tomatoes…  Red Wine … Red meat … Oh it is so important for appetite!

Red robin hood


Red cross

Red Fort


Red carpet.. Red dress .. Red stilettos… Red lips & lipstick…

Red is that monkey’s ass!!

Red is my santa… Red is my wish!! 



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